House insurance package

Building insurance

When you buy a new house in The Netherlands you must show that you have insured the property when you go to the notary to officially receive the keys.

The insured value of the house is not the market value. That would not be accurate to insure, because the value of the house depends very much on it's loction. If the house would burn down completely you would still have the land to rebuild it on. Therefore the insured value is the rebuilding value.

The premium varies from 0,8‰ for a normal house to 1,0‰ for an apartment. Cover for glass windows is included.


Household Contents insurance

Anything in the house that can be moved around needs to be insured on the contents insurance. The premium is based on the postcode-area you live in. If you live in the city centre of Den Haag the premium is higher then when you live in a quiet neighbourhood.

Liability insurance

95% of all Dutch people have this third-party liability insurance. The insurance is not compulsory but it wise to take it out because it protects you against claims made by people or companies in case you or you family member, or even your dog, had caused a damage (accidentaly).

This insurance cover costs of legal procedures up to € 50.000,- per case. It covers any conflict you can have with somebody. For example if you car breaks down one day after you have bought it, or if the builder who is renovating your house does not stick to the agreements. Existing cases are excluded from cover. The insurance company will assign a lawyer to you who will help you with your case. The cover consists of 4 modules to choose from:

  • Module A: traffic
  • Module B: Consumer & living
  • Module C: Work & income
  • Module D: Tax & capital
  • Divorce and inheritance are NOT covered ont his policy.